LUCIANO  DE  LIBERATO                                                                                                                                                                              Website                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     New

Seattle Artist League

Luciano De Liberato – Pathways And Geometry

Luciano de Liberato is an Italian great colorist who paints constructed “still lifes” of colored paper. The paintings appear at first to be flat but upon further inspection are actually carefully crafted to imitate exactly the depth of layered paper, woven, and lifted up a bit at the edges. The result is bright, clean, geometric, active, and tactile. 

Seattle Artist League was founded by a student and a teacher, with the belief that everyone can benefit from a daily dose of art. Whether it is through a weekly class, a workshop, regular studio work, or reading a daily blog post about an artist, we believe that art is a benefit to everyone.

The mission of the Seattle Artist League is to facilitate a thriving community of artistically active people by offering creative space and intellectually informed, hands-on art instruction. The League integrates a studio-based education with academic framework in 2D visual arts media. Our instructors are professional working artists, gathered to foster an environment where the unique talents and perspectives of individual students can emerge and flourish.

At The League we believe one of the standards by which quality of life can be expressed is by creative freedom, critical insight, and technical development in visual art. The League teaches at all artistic levels, and consequently our members are a mix of professional artists, and those who for whom art provides balance to their life. The school currently offers courses in drawing, painting, and assemblage.




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